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Black Belt Club

What is the Black Belt Club?

Grand Master Sebastian Nazario has developed a specific program for character building based on the ideal of Black Belt Excellence. The Black Belt Club is a very special group of students who have dedicated themselves to Black Belt Excellence. Black Belt Club members are all serious martial artists who have committed themselves to the goal of obtaining their Black Belt. They strive for excellence in all aspects of life, as well as developing their physical skills and knowledge of all aspects of the martial arts. They are Committed, Dedicated, Confident, Determined and Enthusiastic. They represent all the best qualities of what a Black Belt should be. They are the Black Belts and Instructors of the future, the core of the school and they best represent what Grand Master Sebastian Nazario’s Mixed Martial Arts For The Streets stands for.

Who can qualify for the Black Belt Club?

In order to be a member of the Black Belt Club you must be recommenced by an instructor. You must also meet some specific requirements based on your rank and age. If you qualify you will be invited to join the Black Belt Club.

How do I get recommended?

To qualify for the Black Belt Club a candidate must:

  • Have a set a target date for the Black Belt.
  • Attend classes on a regular basis.
  • Demonstrate the qualities of Black Belt Excellence in and out of school.
  • Have a high level of enthusiasm and dedication for the martial arts and school.
  • Must maintain “good” or above on their student progress report.
  • Must maintain an excellent attitude at all times.
  • Must meet all requirements of their present level.
  • Must memorize and abide by student creed.
  • Must respect all school rules, martial arts customs and school etiquette.

What are the benefits of the Black Belt Club?

Black Belt Club Members are part of the inner core of the school and have several significant privileges.
• Special Black Belt Club uniform.
• Special Black Belt Club belt.
• Special Black Belt Club class.
• Discounts on special events.
• Discounts on pro shop purchases.


In life it is important to strive to be the best you can be. Black Belt Club members have dedicated themselves to be the best they can be by setting a goal of Black Belt Excellence! They will set high standards at our school for all other students to follow. They will be respected and looked up to as leaders and outstanding examples of Black Belt Excellence! Set your goals high, work hard to achieve your goals, stay focused, and believe in yourself, and never give up and you will develop qualities that will last a lifetime. You will also be one of the few who has achieved a goal that many seek but only few achieve. You Will Have Earned The Title of “Black Belt”!

Black Belt Club Benefits
• Discounts on all special events and Pro Shop sales.
• Special Black Belt Club uniform.
• Black Belt Club membership card.
• Participation in Achievement Program.
• Opportunity to attend unlimited classes.
• Certificate of membership designating your achievement.
• Increased enthusiasm with accomplishment and
commitment to Black Belt goals
• Increased confidence in handling problems and
pressures at school, home and work
• Opportunity to attend special weapons classes.
• Greater respect for self and others through
membership in a select group.